Introduce Students To The World of Coding

In today’s job market, having coding skills offers a hefty advantage when applying to typically higher-paying STEM roles.

And the benefits of coding don’t end there. 

Coding is a great way to integrate real-world, project-based learning as well as active, hands-on learning — equipping students with the essential skills needed in our increasingly digital world. 

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Come discover:

  • STEMscopes Coding powered by Bitsbox (Gr. K-8) - teach your students how to build and share their own, personalized apps.
  • Mastery Coding (Gr. 3-12) courses include computer programming, esports, and STEM curriculum that combines critical thinking with project-based learning, while Gamer Math™ uses the power of video games to teach standards-based math.

The best part—no previous coding experience is required to teach any of our technology programs.

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Empower your students for the future and build the next generation of problem solvers.