Celebrating Supes´ Choice Awards finalists announcement at the New York EdTech Week with Grace White, Nate Lichte & Sari Hurme-Mehtälä.

2023FinalistBadgeSupesChoiceKide Science from Accelerate Learning was selected as one of two finalists in the STEM/STEAM Instructional Solution category of the 2023 Supes’ Choice Awards. The program, which is presented by the Institute for Education Innovation (IEI), is the only education industry award judged exclusively by school district superintendents.

Finalists for the Supes’ Choice Awards are chosen based on a demonstrated commitment to student outcomes, innovation and ingenuity, client support, interactivity, and engagement. The STEM/STEAM Instructional Solution category recognizes solutions that provide students with experiential learning and the opportunity to collaborate, persist in problem-solving, take thoughtful risks, and work through the creative process.

Kide Science is a library of play- and story-based STEM lessons and professional development materials for teachers of children ages 3-8. It is designed to complement any early years curriculum and works with any ability level.

“The Kide Science platform is based on years of academic research,” said Sari Hurme-Mehtälä, co-founder and managing director of Kide Science at Accelerate Learning. “It helps preK-3 teachers build the confidence to teach inquiry-based lessons, and it helps students build key skills to navigate the world as they grow up. We’re honored to be recognized by superintendents who are shaping the present and the future of education, and we thank them for this accolade.”

For teachers, each Kide Science lesson includes video instructions, printouts, assessment tools, scientific explanations for all the phenomena, and tips to adjust the lesson based on a child’s age and ability. For students, each lesson features an immersive, imaginative story and illustrations that present STEM problems in a concrete, fun way. In addition to STEM topics, the lessons promote the development of social-emotional, literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

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Accelerate Learning provides STEM curriculum and professional development solutions that empower teachers, increase scores, and inspire students to become tomorrow’s STEM leaders. Its STEMscopes, Collaborate Science, Kide Science, and Math Nation curricula and resources are highly adaptable, accessible, and support instruction in any learning environment. The comprehensive, results-oriented solutions are used by more than 9 million students and 750,000 teachers across the country. For information, visit acceleratelearning.com or call 800-531-0864.

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