Collaborate Science – ML-PBL Powered by Accelerate Learning Transforms K-5 Science Instruction with Phenomena-Driven, Project-Based Learning 


Three-dimensional Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) curriculum and focused professional learning help teachers create learner-centered classrooms

HOUSTON – March 22, 2023 – Research shows that rigorous project-based learning (PBL) has strong, positive effects on science achievement. Collaborate Science – ML-PBL Powered by Accelerate Learning is a new K-5 science curriculum that fuses phenomena-driven PBL for students with focused professional development for teachers. The digital curriculum will be unveiled this week at the National Science Teaching Association National Conference in booth #600.

Collaborate Science is based on the Multiple Literacies in Project-Based Learning (ML-PBL) curriculum. ML-PBL utilizes a PBL approach with interdisciplinary science units that meet the NGSS. The ML-PBL approach was developed by Michigan State University’s (MSU) CREATE for STEM Institute in partnership with the University of Michigan College of Education with funding from Lucas Education Research.

In addition to the ML-PBL content, Collaborate Science features unique tools and resources developed by Accelerate Learning, including a digital platform for teachers and students, teacher guides, student science notebooks, interactive resources, and digitized homework, reading, and math activities.

“Many children feel like they don’t have the ability to learn science or that it’s too difficult. In a PBL classroom, however, students feel like science belongs to them,” said Joseph Krajcik, Ph.D., director of MSU’s CREATE for STEM Institute. “With Collaborate Science, students can engage in scientific practices and use scientific ideas like practicing scientists so they can figure out phenomena and solve scientific problems they experience in their lives.”

Collaborate Science brings science to life with practical, real-world problems for students to solve in a cooperative environment. Students work together to investigate and respond to engaging, complex questions and challenges about real-life phenomena. Teachers have engineering challenges, scientific investigations, math and literacy connections, and performance-based assessments all available at the touch of a button.

To transform science teaching, professional learning is at the heart of Collaborate Science. Teachers can access a suite of in-person and online professional development opportunities that continue for as long as the curriculum is implemented. Along the way, they can engage in the same type of active, inquiry-based learning that their students experience in a PBL classroom.

“Students need opportunities for authentic, challenging, active learning experiences that are relevant to their lives,” said Kristin De Vivo, executive director of Lucas Education Research. “ With the rigorous PBL in Collaborate Science, teachers can design deep, meaningful learning experiences that matter and that motivate students to want to learn more.”

“With the focus on phenomena and the emphasis on multiple literacies, Collaborate Science provides an immersive, engaging curriculum that will help teachers re-imagine their classrooms and create synergistic learning experiences for students,” said Amanda McGee, senior vice president of curriculum development and production for Accelerate Learning. “The addition of Collaborate Science to our existing science program offerings will also give districts the flexibility to choose the pedagogy they prefer so they can deliver the best student outcomes for their schools.”

Collaborate Science is now available to schools and districts nationwide. For information, visit




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