Collaborate Science – ML-PBL Powered by Accelerate Learning has been named a winner in the Educators Pick Best of STEM 2023 Awards, the only awards program judged by STEM educators. The K-5 science curriculum, which was introduced earlier this year, was recognized in the “Best of STEM: Phenomena-Based Teaching Grades K-5” category.

Collaborate Science fuses phenomena-driven, project-based learning for students with focused professional development for teachers. It is based on the Multiple Literacies in Project-Based Learning (ML-PBL) curriculum, and it features unique digital tools and resources developed by Accelerate Learning.

With Collaborate Science, students work together to investigate and respond to engaging, complex questions and challenges about real-life phenomena. Teachers have engineering challenges, scientific investigations, math and literacy connections, and performance-based assessments all available at the touch of a button. Teachers can also access a suite of in-person and online professional development opportunities that continue for as long as the curriculum is implemented.

“We are honored that STEM educators have recognized Collaborate Science as a program that is transforming STEM teaching and learning,” said Philip Galati, president and CEO of Accelerate Learning. “Unlike curricula that rely on passive ‘desk learning,’ Collaborate Science gives students the chance to touch, observe, hypothesize, and interact directly with phenomena. This increases students’ motivation and engagement, and leads to higher levels of retention and understanding.”

The Educators Pick Best of STEM Awards program spotlights innovative products, technologies, and services that are changing the world of STEM education. It is operated by The Teich Group and Catapult X in partnership with the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA), MCH Strategic Data, and National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT).

For more information about Collaborate Science, visit acceleratelearning.com/collaborate-science.

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