New STEMscopes Distance Learning Tools Assist Educators and Students with Virtual Instruction in Math, Science, and STEM

HOUSTON Oct. 20, 2020 – In the shift to distance learning, many teachers and students find themselves missing the hands-on learning that happens in math, science, and STEM classrooms. To assist teachers with virtual instruction and increase engagement for students, Accelerate Learning has announced several new distance learning resources and new features in STEMscopes Math, STEMscopes NGSS 3D, and STEMscopes curricula built for individual states.

Distance learning resources

A new online hub for distance learning includes webinars, at-home and virtual learning lessons, and guidance for using STEMscopes in synchronous and asynchronous learning, among other resources.

District- and school-level assignment management

To support education continuity wherever student learning takes place, a new STEMscopes Curriculum Mapping tool enables administrators to distribute digital assignments and benchmark assessments across all grade levels at the district or school level.

Videos for hands-on learning

New Virtual Learning Videos are teacher-led instructional videos that engage students in hands-on learning. With embedded teacher talk, questioning, and instructional modeling, students can follow along and participate in activities from anywhere. Each standalone mini-lesson includes handouts, virtual and printable manipulatives to assist in hands-on learning, and comprehension questions to assess students’ understanding of a topic. The videos can be used at home or in the classroom, and they are assignable to individual students or across an entire school or district. New topics and content will continue to be added throughout the fall.

Virtual attendance, class sessions, grading, and feedback

With a virtual attendance tool, teachers and districts can track student attendance for synchronous or asynchronous instruction. In addition, teachers can launch live virtual class sessions from within STEMscopes using a variety of online meeting tools.

STEMscopes also now includes new data and gradebook integrations to help teachers easily set up classes and manage grades. Additional new tools allow teachers to efficiently provide virtual feedback to individual students or the class.

Professional support for virtual instruction

To support teachers with online instruction, the STEMscopes professional development team and National Institute for STEM Education (NISE) have created a new suite of live virtual professional development sessions and online certifications.

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