Play- and Story-based Early Childhood Education

Playful Inquiry and Story-Based STEAM Lessons to Engage Early Learners

Struggling to spark your young learners' interest in STEAM? We've got you covered!

Discover our Kide Science Lesson Pack – your key to turning your Pre-K classroom into an exciting hub of exploration.

Who is this for? These lesson packs are ideal for your young learners and teachers to help promote STEAM learning.

Do I need a science background to use these lesson packs? No, Kide empowers teachers and students alike to elevate science learning through story-based activities. No PhD required!

🚀 What's Inside:

    • Three captivating lessons that develop essential science skills.
    • Meet enchanting characters in the magical world of Supraland.
    • Teacher support and clear scientific explanations for easy problem-solving. 

Say goodbye to dull lessons and hello to engaged, curious students.

This kind of playful inquiry is unique to Kide Science and its library of research-backed, student-centered activities aligned with standards, including DAP, NGSS, and other state-specific standards.

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