Eighth Graders Using STEMscopes Achieve Higher Science Proficiency Rates on STAAR

HOUSTON – June 16, 2022 – School districts that used STEMscopes Texas, the most widely used science curriculum in Texas, for eighth grade science instruction outperformed other districts on the 2020-21 State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR). In a new report, results show that the STEMscopes districts achieved higher science passing rates on the STAAR grade eight science assessment compared to non-STEMscopes districts.

In 2021, the state average proficiency rate on the STAAR grade eight science assessment was 67% for all 1,146 Texas school districts. The 379 Texas districts that used the STEMscopes science curriculum in eighth grade were matched with 379 non-STEMscopes districts based on the district type, size, and percentage of students classified as economically disadvantaged. In the STEMscopes districts, the average eighth grade science proficiency rate was 69.07%. In the non-STEMscopes districts, it was 66.61%. Results were similar when examining data for economically disadvantaged students, with STEMscopes districts having higher passing rates than non-STEMscopes districts.

In addition, a follow-up analysis was conducted to account for other important variables, including fifth grade science proficiency, average teacher experience, and district demographic make-up. Once again, districts that used STEMscopes continued to have significantly higher overall eighth grade science proficiency rates compared to districts that did not use STEMscopes. Specifically, STEMscopes districts increased the science proficiency rate of their eighth graders by an average of 2.29%, meaning that an additional 3,510 students met the state of Texas “passing” benchmark.

“These findings build upon a vast database of research demonstrating that usage of the STEMscopes science curriculum is associated with measurable increases in science passing rates,” said Dawn Alvarez, vice president of science curriculum development for Accelerate Learning. “Even with the educational disruptions wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, STEMscopes districts outperformed non-STEMscopes districts. When schools are equipped with a high-quality, highly adaptable, teacher-friendly science curriculum, they can keep the learning going no matter where instruction takes place.”

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