Make Your Classroom More Hands-On

Student understanding deepens and engagement soars

Hands-On Activity

At the core of STEMscopes is inquiry-based learning. We believe, and research demonstrates, that students learn best when actively participating in science. Giving students opportunities to "do" science allows them to become scientists. Try this easy-to-use hands-on activity with your students and witness its transformative power:

  • All hands-on activities in STEMscopes have a video setup and materials list for easy preparation.
  • The investigations are broken down into sections that hone in on each key point of the learning objective.
  • Procedure and facilitation points, strategies for English Language Learners, and Guiding Questions help you release control to students.
  • Student journal and companion are included in each activity to help students develop scientific understandings.

Unlock the power of hands-on learning and watch your students' understanding deepen and their engagement soar. 



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