The 5E + IA Instructional Model

Our curriculum is built on Roger Bybee’s 5E model, which consists of (you guessed it) five phases: engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate. The addition of IA sets STEMscopes apart from other curricula that use 5E. The “I” (intervention) section provides a small-group activity that focuses on re-teaching content to students who haven’t quite mastered it. The activity supports student understanding by reviewing a past skill or re-teaching the skill they encountered during the Explore phase. For lower elementary grades, the “A” (acceleration) section contains a hands-on math activity that reinforces either social studies standards or science standards.

With this PDF we will cover:

    • The underlying principles of 5E model

    • Elements of the BSCS 5E instructional model

    • Our very own STEMscopes 5E + IA lesson model and what sets it apart from all the rest.

Download the readable PDF now to learn more.

The 5E+IA Model