Make Learning Meaningful: Real-World PBLs

Project-based learning has become increasingly popular in K-12 education; however, teachers often find that it is extremely time consuming to manage finding the resources, rubrics, and deliverables to create powerful PBLs. STEMscopes has 100s of standards-aligned PBLs (both long and short-term ones) for your students to explore!

  • Reduce prep time and increase teaching time—STEMscopes PBLs are classroom-tested, grade level appropriate, and standards aligned

  • Meaningfully apply what you learn: PBLs help students understand "why it's important to learn what you teach them"

  • Unlock student creativity and boost engagement

  • Foster crosscurricular learning: from 21st-century skills to integrated ELA, math, and art, PBLs help you "de-silo" learning

Download a sample STEMscopes PBL now using the accompanying form.